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9. September 2015 - M-learning’s contribution to social justice?

ECER 2015: "Education and Transition - Contributions from Educational Research", EUROPEAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION

Round Table "Mobile Learning: Learning Across Contexts – Learning In Transition".

Budapest, Hungary

2. Juli 2015 - 'Civilizing' the mobile complex

London Mobile Learning Group Workshop: Scoping new directions:

towards a paradigm shift in cultural approaches to education and media

UCL Institute of Education

University of London

27. Februar 2015 - Approaching an educational cultivation task: civilizing the mobile complex. From educating children to civilizing a delimitated mass communication

Media – Knowledge – Education: Why Media Education? Conference at the Institute for Psychosocial Intervention and Communication Research (February 27-28, 2015)

Leopold Franzen University in Innsbruck

23. Februar 2015 - Mobile Learning -From technology enhanced learning to context awareness

UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, February 23 - 27, 2015


11. Dezember 2014 - e-EAV Final Conference, Daphne III Programme of the European Union.

Panel 4 - Training teachers in media literacy and racism/populism


1. Dezember 2014 - Mobiles Lernen: Handys verbieten oder neue Lernformen riskieren?

Institut für Pädagogik und Schulpsychologie

Stadt Nürnberg

18. November 2014 - Learning is substantially culturally defined - a cultural historic discussion about ubiquitous, mobile individualized learning in the process of globalisation

Analyzing the Past and the Present, and Anticipating the Future of Leadership and Learning in/ for Asia. Leadership and Learning in the Asian Century

13. November 2014 - Soziale und mediale Entgrenzung - Skizzen zu einem provisorischen Bezugsrahmen für Medienpädagogik und Mediendidaktik


Herbsttagung der Sektion Medienpädagogik der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft am 13./14. November 2014


7. und 8. November 2014 - Medienkompetenz und Medienbildung

Kompaktseminar, Institut für psychosoziale Intervention und Kommunikationsforschung

Universität Innsbruck

2. April 2014 - Mobile and smart all-rounders - Door openers to everyday life and facilitators for changing the teacher's role in education

Uni-Tag „Moderne Kommunikationstechnologie“ in der Schule - Zentrum für Lehrerinnen und Lehrerbildung

Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

6. März 2014 - Mobile learning under the societal and cultural condition of delimitation

Bristol Ideas in Mobile Learning

Bristol Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning and Education (BRILLE)

Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education

University of the West of England, Bristol